Teach English in GuAndu Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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Task 2 - Summarize what you have personally gained from this course, and how you plan to put into action what you have learned. I feel that I have gained a lot from completing this course. First is that it has enlightened my on the different ways to evaluate students. From both my experience of being a student and a ESL teacher I had certain knowledge of what is the best way to evaluate students and how to correct them. But after this course I feel that I am more capable of judging their level and adapting my lessons to suit the students. In my current job, I am an english teacher in a middle school in korea. The classes are split into different levels. Even though I have to teacher the same material to each class I feel that I have expanded my ability to be flexible to the students different needs and what is the best way to teach that level the material. Another thing I have learned if the importance of the teacher student relationship. Although I know that this was important I did fall into bad habits of spending too much time with weaker students or only remembering some student names. I now know that it is essential to be consistent and treat all the students the same. It has also been very good for my grammar and provoking me to think of different lessons and activities dealing with grammar. Coincidently enough next week will be my first class with new students the last unit will be particularly helpful when I am preparing the lessons for them. I think that this course covered many things that I knew already but in greater detail and is now a good point of reference for my future teaching. I wish that I had done this course before I came to Korea. I hope to keep teaching for the next year or two and I hope to move to South America and teach there if possible. I have no doubt that this course will help me achieve that.