Teach English in Guangwu Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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Having had some experience working with ESL learners, I have to admit that I entered into this course expecting to simply go through the motions in order to achieve my TEFL certification. In fact, the combination of theoretical perspectives and practical advice as well as the wealth of teaching resources this course has afforded me has been invaluable. On a personal note, this course has vastly improved my knowledge of what I thought to be basic grammatical skills. The grammar units could be quite challenging and in completing them I empathized with my students. Not only that, but by making the same mistakes as my students, I discovered the thought patterns which lead them to construct and form sentences in the manner that they do. As native english speakers we rarely stop to ponder the finer details of our language since so much of it now seems natural or engrained. The grammar units have definitely improved my technical abilities as a teacher and given me more confidence to tackle these issues in the classroom. The theoretical aspects of the course touched on many of the challenges that I?d already experienced in the classroom. Many of these challenges often seemed frustrating or futile. These units provided me with a scholarly framework upon which to reflect and deliberate. I particularly enjoyed the lessons on receptive and productive skills and I hope to include these skills in my lesson preparation and classroom management. From a practical point of view, the sheer amount of websites, resources, ideas for activities and lesson templates has been stellar. I?ve already adopted the Lesson Plan Template into my monthly schedule. What these games and activities had in common was their simplicity. Indeed, the need to focus on and develop a specific skill set has been a significant lesson. Most importantly, this course has allowed me to reflect on my skills and abilities as a teacher. So often, I would place blame on the behavior or abilities of my students whereas as I now see the myriad of ways that small changes in planning, preparation and delivery could have created a far more successful lesson. I hope to be more in tune with the needs of my students. Overall this has been an overwhelmingly positive and rewarding experience.