Teach English in GuAnyinsi Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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I think that I have gained a wide range of knowledge from this course. I have been able to review and refine my grammar skills, and additionally learn how to teach those skills to others. Before taking this course I would not have thought of all the steps that go into making complex concepts that come easy to me, like grammar into simple and easier ideas for new learners to grasp. I have also learned basic classroom management techniques and ways to use the different resources that I might have available to me. I have learned what a good teacher looks like and ways to make learning fun and engaging. I would not have known how to even beginning making a lesson plan before this class, but now feel comfortable with creating them. I feel like I have gained lots of resources, including games, activities and worksheets that could be very helpful when actually teaching my own class. I plan on putting a lot of the lessons I made into action in my own classroom. I think one thing I will definitely use that I would not have thought of on my own would be the use of the phonetics and inflection. I think using the phonetic alphabet is a great idea and one I would want to incorporate into my classroom. I think it has also been helpful to think about all the different ways of learning a new language through speech, writing, reading, and listening and the importance of having a balance of all of these. I can defiantly see myself referring back to my units as I begin teaching my own class.