Teach English in Hansi Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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I have gained a significant amount of teaching ideas in regards to grammar and the receptive and productive skills. I?ll be able to integrate a more well-rounded lesson for students and be aware of structuring enough S-S interaction time. I was particularly fascinated with the phonetics and pronunciation portion of the course, and I believe I?ll be able to tackle this issue in the classroom with greater success. When it comes to course books and classroom materials, I think I?ll have a better understanding of finding and utilizing the most effective materials I can find. Even if I teach at an institution with a pre-required course book, I?ll have a better grasp on how to utilize it effectively, and know when/where I should adapt, supplement, etc. In regards to lesson planning, it was helpful to have more exposure to the process. Overall I feel I have gained quite a bit from the course and I will be a more effective teacher for it.