Teach English in Heluo Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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As someone who has taught in the past, I think I have largely gained by seeing how english can be taught. The approach is very different than in my field of study, which is Biology. In my science courses, my lesson plans were centered around pure subject matter; students need to learn certain facts and concepts to advance in their degree program, period. Teaching a language is trickier. Students need to both learn the foundations of language and be compelled to put them into action, in order to really absorb them. The approach one needs to use is very context-dependent, even if there are universal tools (e.g. the ESA method). As a teacher of english, I need to spend more time thinking about the and how it relates to the type of students I have, as well as their level of language and their specific needs. Having a well-developed lesson plan is important to being effective in the classroom, even if you end up improvising a bit in the end. The language units have also helped me to really consider the structure and the rules of english. While I have studied other languages, I have never been compelled to study english in such depth. In order to be helpful to students, it is important to recognize the difficulties of a language one takes for granted. The units on classroom issues and tools did not necessarily provide anything new to me, except perhaps information on challenges that are unique to language teaching and the suggestions for specific english instruction tools. I plan to put to use what I have learned by finding a job teaching in france. My hope is that teaching english will be a part-time job that I pursue while also developing a business proofreading manuscripts written by non-native speakers. Eventually, I would also like to teach english to researchers. While being able to use english is an integral part of doing research, because it is the language in which most work is published and presented, many scientists nonetheless struggle with it. Yet having a competent level of english remains an integral part of their career. Writing manuscripts can be painful because they lack necessary ease with the language and presentations at international conferences can be gut-wrenching experiences. While doing this course, I have conversed quite a bit with fellow researchers to learn more about the sorts of things they would have preferred to learn in their english courses, as well as their thoughts on teaching approaches.