Teach English in JingjijishukAifAquminghu Jiedao - Zhengzhou Shi

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Taking this course has been very interesting and helpful. As a matter of fact, I have been using what I have learnt so far in my lessons. It is amazing the way the students react positively to my style of teaching. I think this course has helped make the difference. I have learnt a lot from it! The course has taught me what to know first before even going to class. It has reminded me of what a good teacher should be and what he/she could expect from a student. The course has given me a detailed explanation of the basic grammar that any EFL teacher must have mastered by the time he/she starts teaching. I have learnt the three tenses in english in an organized and detailed manner. Conditionals, modals, phrasal verbs, passive voice and parts of speech have been clearly explained. Conditionals are not easy to be explained to students. The students may easily get confused if the teacher does not put them in an organized manner. In fact, most books I have come across usually talk of only three conditionals. This course has given me a better understanding of this challenging topic and the other grammar topics. I have learnt various teaching methods. Perhaps the most interesting and useful idea is the ESA lesson plan with its various approaches. This has helped me a lot in my lessons these days. I have learnt how to manage my classroom. I have understood that eye contact, gesture and voice could be very useful in teaching english. Grouping students helps a lot in getting them talk among themselves and learn more. This course has explained how I could do this. I have also learnt that different lessons need different sitting arrangements. This course has taught me a detailed way of classroom arrangements. I have understood that teacher talking time should be used accordingly. I have understood that discipline could be attained by various methods and that having a good rapport with the students is a plus for the teacher. Lesson planning is something that seems unimportant to the experienced teacher, but this lesson has told me the importance of a lesson plan to all teachers. I have learnt how to take another approach or style of lesson planning and I had the opportunity to watch an experienced teacher handle a lesson in unit 10. It is always a big challenge for the newbie on where to find teaching aids and equipments and how to use them. This course told me how to go about this. Teaching certain special lessons sometimes could be challenging. This course has taught me how to do it. I have learnt how to teach productive and receptive skills. I have learnt how to use course books to suit the students? needs. I have been given links to numerous websites that could be of great help to me in the course of my teaching career. I have learnt how to set tests and evaluations for the students. I have understood that a test should involve all aspects of a language. In order for it to be balanced, I should include grammar, speaking, and writing activities. I should ask oral questions from the easier ones and move on to the difficult ones to be able to determine the student?s ability of listening and speaking. I should also ask questions that allow the students to speak a bit more. I have acquired much knowledge on how to teach some special groups and how to handle problems when they arise. Taking this course is really useful and I plan to continue putting into practice what I have learnt.