Teach English in Langchenggang Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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From this tefl course, I have personally learned that, as the saying goes 'teaching is the best way to learn'. In order to teach an english lesson to the best of my ability, I have found that a lot of studying and reviewing of the language and its rules need to be done. A teacher needs to fully understand the things that he or she teaches to the students in order to be a reliable and effective teacher. There were many points throughout the course, where although I could have taught without doing the course, I would not have been able to explain, if I had not understood the rules behind the language. Although most of the grammatical concepts were things that I already knew and did not need review over, it is totally different when trying to teach the same concepts to someone. An example of this is in the lesson on pronunciation, where I would have never known how to correctly explain where some of the sounds are made, if I had not studied it for myself. There were other rules and the ideas behind the language that I had to learn in order to explain them effectively. From this I plan to thoroughly review whatever lesson point I would teach and make sure that I would be able to explain the rules and concepts behind them correctly. I also learned from this course to be more serious in looking into the students needs, and to be able to adjust the class accordingly. The course of the class is greatly affected by the level of the students, and I have learned that sensitivity towards this is key to making sure the classes are effective for the students. I had found myself making lesson plans suited to the students' abilities, and I believe that this is necessary in order to ensure that the students can follow the class and grow from it. It not only showed me the need to be aware of the different levels in the students, but also the difference in age groups and even the motivations behind the students with business and non-business purposes. I hope that through this, I would be able to plan my lessons and the course of my individual lessons catering to the needs of the student. I would implement the different ways that I learned to go about teaching and meeting the needs of great variety of students who are studying english.