Teach English in Liuji Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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I thought I knew the english language well as it is my first language and I have no qualms reading, writing or communicating in my mother tongue. However, after learning more in-depth about different kinds of tenses, grammar and structure, I definitely only know a fraction of what there is to know about the english language, and that it is a very complicated language to understand. It surprised me that certain grammar and tense rules were a struggle to get my head around, but I think this was a great challenge as I can empathise with my students in the future when I teach them these difficult parts of the english language. I love how the course has challenged me to come up with lessons, ideas and exercises on my own and I love the creativity of this aspect. I have also really enjoyed coming up with ideas about how to express myself to a class of students that don't speak english, and I found it quite fun creating mimes and movements that speakers of another language would understand. In the future I plan on moving to france to teach english as a second language. I expect I will be teaching monolingual classes who speak french fluently, and although I plan on revising my rusty french knowledge I anticipate that the skills I have learned to teach monolingual students will definitely come in handy in the french classroom environment. As mentioned before, my personal difficulties figuring out patterns, regularities and irregularities of the english language have been a good experience as I will be able to understand the learning struggles that my students will likely be facing. Also, the activities and lesson ideas from the course have been a handy way to start thinking about what kind of exercises I will use in the classroom environment (I imagine a box of dress-up props will come in use). But to get to france I need to complete this course, as well as the business english paper, and from there I can start applying for jobs as a qualified TEFL teacher. I can't wait!