Teach English in Liuzhai Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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I have learned that teaching technique would be a combination of engage phase, study phase and activate phase and their numerous activities. The combination of those three phases and activities used in a lesson in each phase will all depend on levels of students and a topic of the lesson. I found the lesson plan template very useful and I certainly will use it when I start my teaching career in the future. The lesson plan template gave me a clear vision of a lesson, flow of a lesson, and how a teacher should prepare for the class. I have also realized that it would be very important to be flexible, open minded and creative to be able to master the lesson plan. There will be a lot of options and possibilities to incorporate activities and games into three phases and there is no absolute rule in how to teach one grammar issue. Approaches in a lesson for adult learners and younger learners will be different, and for students in a monolingual group and in a multi-lingual group will be different. I would like to be knowledgeable of all different phases and activities appropriate for all different circumstances and environment. That will take time and experience and I hope I will get it in the future. The most important message that I have gained in this course is that motivation and determination of both students and teachers have important roles in TESOL/TEFL. Motivated teachers can lead and inspire students to motivate and motivated students can do the same to teachers. At this point, I know that I will have a disadvantage being that I will be a non-native english speaking teacher, but I know I am motivated and am determined to teach ESL and I will try to go beyond the difficulty. I would give students a lot of encouragement and a lot of fun in my class and I hope one of them will be a next teacher of english as Foreign Language.