Teach English in Longhu Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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I have acquired much priceless knowledge from this course. Before starting it I did not know anything about teaching methodology, to say nothing of the ?ESA? method. Teaching methods which are used in my country are absolutely different to those presented in the course. They are mainly based on the grammar-translation method. That is why I did not even imagine that teaching and learning english could be such an interesting, creative and exciting process both for teachers and students. Grammar units helped me to systematize my knowledge of grammar. Also, while digesting them I looked at the grammar not in terms of a student but in terms of a teacher, and for me it was a brand-new approach. Since I am studying International Economics at the university, I did not know much about teaching. That is why the information given in the units concerning teaching methodology and lesson planning was completely new for me. So it was really challenging to absorb that information and I tried to do my best. I found the units very well-structured and created to be understood even by non-native english speakers and people who were not previously engaged in teaching. I hope that in the near future I will have an opportunity to put my acquired knowledge into practice. I am interested in the unique chinese culture and learning the chinese language. That is why I would like to teach General english or business english in china. Also I know a little spanish so it would be interesting for me to teach in spanish or Portuguese speaking country.