Teach English in Ludian Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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I have learned a lot from this class. Anyone can be a teacher, but this course allows teachers to use their knowledge effectively. It?s one thing to talk to the students and expect them to absorb whatever you are saying. It is quite another to create an environment where both students and teacher have the ability to learn and work with each other. This course has shown several different ways to take material and transform it into fun ways to learn. Not to mention that I have definitely reviewed and relearned english grammar. After all, you can?t teach things you don?t know. In the end, I will be able to make learning fun for my students. I can use all of these games, puzzles, and ideas to evenly divide my classes into a mixture of, engaging, studying, and games. I hope that I can make my classes fun and truly teach my students something. Maybe I will even be able to give my students confidence and a way to communicate with other people.