Teach English in Niudian Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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There are quite a few different things that have been gained from this course. I have gained insight into teaching skills and language awareness. These insights will be useful for any form of teaching, whether it is in a classroom setting or a more relaxed educational environment. The course has helped me identify the needs of students and assisted me in selecting language, material and activities that best suit their levels, needs and age. This in return will help me transform teaching into an adventure, not only for me, but for my students as well. I have learned how to demonstrate language using more gestures and increasing student talk time to ensure all students gain as much possible from their english lessons. The ESA process added much valued structure to lesson planning, making it easy to create lessons with definite goals and purposes. The area of grammar study was a particular help. I have a better understanding as how to clarify and simplify my thoughts in teaching grammar and being able to transfer that knowledge to my students in a manner that they will be able to understand and grasp. My selection of different forms of resources has also changed. I had previously taken a grammar course, but I liked the way this course included teaching ideas for different grammar points. I also liked the way it integrates and compares different parts of grammar eg. present perfect vs. past simple, and put me in a realistic situation of having to come up with ways to correct students' recurring problems and explain why they are making mistakes. Mistakes between tenses and use of articles are the two biggest problems I've encountered here in korea, and this course has helped me towards making some useful lessons tackling these problems next year. This course also has inspired me to include more group and pair work in class, and to mix up different types of group learning to make my lessons more dynamic. My students enjoy group and pair work, but I have had difficulties assessing it in the past, and this course has helped me to review my techniques for the future. This course has given me more ideas for evaluating the students. I evaluated the students by organising a short interview with each of them at the end of the final term, which was great feedback and gave the students motivation to practice what we had learned throughout the year. But Unit 18 helped me see that there are other types of evaluation that can help me monitor their progress throughout the year. I believe my lessons will now be more dynamic, creative and fun-filled. This course has helped me dissect the various aspects of english and create lessons that will always benefit the students. I believe I now have the tools required to teach english to students of any age, gender, level or cultural background