Teach English in Pingmo Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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First and foremost I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. In addition to having learned many teaching skills and adjustment to various english levels, I was also reminded of how rich the english language is. The course was very well structured, and I was given a reasonable amount of time to consume all the information and complete my work in a timely manner. Having been given examples and worksheets with lesson plans have given me the confidence that I will do well; planning is crucial in all areas of work. I have also learned that in addition to various levels of english, some students may have specific needs, whether it be business english, or Technical Vocabulary. These needs do not require of me to be a business expert, but to adjust my lessons and materials to the needs of my students. What else have I gained or learned. I have learned that teaching can not only bring a huge amount of satisfaction to us, but it can also be very fun and interesting. I will certainly be reviewing all the Units and applying everything I have learned. I want to start my teaching career in Europe. I intend on living in various European countries, both with Native english speakers and non-Native english speakers. Thank you!