Teach English in Songbiaokuangqu - Zhengzhou Shi

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I have truly enjoyed this course as it did a great job reviewing the general language structure, all the while feeling somehow quite thorough yet concise. Having had an interesting in language structure and speaking correctly since my youth, I found it very refreshing to review plenty of info that I felt I knew, but had somewhat forgotten ? or just placed aside in my memory. So, on the technical side, it has truly built my confidence and re-ignited my interest in the meticulous study of the language. Even more so than that, however, this course has completely enriched my understanding of the teaching process. This was somewhat unexpected in the beginning, as for some reason I imagined the course would be purely technical, purely linguistic, yet the amount of information on teaching styles and extremely helpful teaching tips has indeed shown to be an added bonus to this course! Not only has it taught me the structure of the english language, it has also revitalized my teaching spirit and boosted my confidence in tackling such a role. Not only will I be ?qualified? now, but this course has actually built my confidence by giving me such a strong foundation. I will now basically be much more motivated and at ease when I finally begin to teach professionally.