Teach English in Wangcun Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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I feel I have personally gained many skills necessary for teaching ESL that I didn?t know about before. I also feel much more confident going into my job next fall having a much strong knowledge of english grammar as well as how to deal with many common problems that often arise in classrooms. Having done the lesson plans in many of the units, I have a much stronger basis in how to effectively plan a lesson. I plan to use the lesson outline in addition to the different type of lesson I learned about this course (such as ESA straight arrow, boomerang, and patchwork). I also gained so many ideas about games and activities through this course. I also appreciate so much and intend to use a majority of the websites that were listed in this course for good resources. The many resources that this course gave in addition to doing the worksheets have allowed me to have confidence that I can be an effective teacher. I also plan to use the suggestions of classroom set up and aid materials for class. This course has showed me firsthand the difference that an enthusiastic and positive teacher can make on the learning environment. Honestly, it has given me excitement about getting into the classroom in come September!