Teach English in Xincun Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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Prior to this course, I have had some experience teaching. In many ways, I thought I already knew quite a bit about teaching. But this course has definitely allowed me to gain much more than I expected. There were many parts that I have benefited from, but I will share three main points in this summary. In my previous experience, as a teacher I?ve never had to lesson plan. This course has taught me how to create my own lessons. (The school has a preset curriculum and lesson flow.) This allowed me to understand the flow in a class. I have learned that there is more than one way to plan a lesson. (ESA, Patchwork, Boomerang). As a teacher, I have to learn to be creative with my lessons. We need to think about what kind of flow would be suitable for the class. The lessons should not be predictable and I can think about alternating the flow of the lesson to make the class varied and interesting. This will make the students become more interested in the class. The reference materials offered in this course were especially helpful for my lesson plans. Going through this course, I have also learned a lot about the materials and equipment available to teachers. Previously, I have always stuck to the same kind of tools, because I never knew there were other options were available. Due to that I have actually limited myself to other option which could be useful for the class. In the future, I will spend more time thinking about what kind of equipment or props could be suitable for the class. The grammar units in the course were a great refresher for myself. For many native speakers, it?s easy to identify what is the error in a sentence because we are used to speaking or writing in a specific way. But it?s not always easy for us to explain to another person the structure/usage of the grammar. Those units have allowed me to put together those thoughts into a more comprehensive explanation. The tutor also provided useful details for me to review. By reviewing those sections, it will help me to become more confident as I teach in the class. In general, this course has and will enrich my teaching experience. It has allowed me to learn new methods, concepts. Moreover, it has allowed me to review on some important aspects like grammatical structures. I will definitely use what I?ve gained from the course to assist students in my classes.