Teach English in Xindian Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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One of the most important things I?ve learned from this course is being dynamic (or flexible) in your teaching style. You see, when you are put into an environment and is expect to conduct a teaching session, things are not always as planned. Typically, classroom teaching is more structured and goes along a course book. That doesn?t mean you are supposed to stay on topic through the class. It can be very boring and challenging for the students ? especially when they have gone over it once already. On another hand, you ARE expected to teach the course material. One way to make it fun and less boring is being flexible by introducing additional material into the classroom to bring in fresh material. This is the idea of being dynamic ? flexible. For example, I?ve taught a class where the students have gone over the material TWICE already but they are expected to increase their level of competency by 2 points. In order to make this happen, I have to bring in relevant material to the course book so they can learn new fresh articles and explore new words. I also took the course book material and introduce new fill in the blank sentences and paired work. I?ve found that teaching to adults is more suitable for me because I do not have to start from scratch. It?s just a matter of correcting their pronunciations, improve their vocabularies, and help them in day to day conversations which are more practical. young learners are more suitable in classroom style teaching whereas adult learners are more suitable for private tutoring. However, teaching to adults has it draw back as well. I have to prepare my own material for class every session based on my students? need. It?s more work but it also demand more pay. It?s also an opportunity for me to be creative as I draft out conversation pieces, introduce new vocabularies, unique methods of practicing words, etc. As an American Vietnamese-chinese, I can relate to my students more. I found that Vietnamese have difficulty pronouncing certain words because they are unable to twist their tongue properly. I have learned that by teaching the students proper prefix and suffix pronunciation, it will help in improving their pronunciations. I then teach the students to learn how to separate the words into its syllables so that they can pronounce the word.