Teach English in Xingang - Zhengzhou Shi

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What I have personally gained from this course is a deeper understanding of the necessity of teaching grammar in the EFL classroom. Based on the skill-level in the classroom, I will begin to introduce basic grammatical structures in small increments before introducing more complex structures. I want to avoid using the technical terms and simply provide the structure and the importance of its function. I have also learned that teaching adults is just as important as teaching children. Many schools have a ?mother?s? class in korea and I am certain that I will teach one in the not so distant future. I will remember that they, like the young learners, will not all be at the same level and that they need to be tested as well. I will ascertain their reasons for coming to the class. Often, in Korea, they are offered as a service by the schools and I want to know if they are there because it seemed like a good diversion or if they seriously want to learn english. I had a friend who had an adult class that had the attention span of my kindergarteners. I also benefited from the different types of lessons from the ESA method, to the boomerang lesson and finally the patchwork lesson. Making lesson plans is something that I find really difficult and I benefited from these ideas because the ?straight arrow? approach is not always the best and quite often there needs to be an in-class review during the same lesson that the new material was introduced in. This helps reinforce the new information and give the students the idea that you are really taking the lesson seriously and that goes far as to how they will respond as well.