Teach English in Xinzhong Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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Besides having done a useful review of grammar rules, I have learned how to plan a lesson in practice. Before, I had only a general idea, while now I have precise tools that will help me to structure more qualified and suitable lessons. My previous experience was linked to private individual tutoring where students either need help to do their homework or need a repetition/clarification of grammar rules. Therefore, my knowledge about organizing an entire lesson for a group of people was really limited. Thinking about a job as a teacher in a class, the information I've received through the tefl course will make me feel more comfortable and prepared in front of students. I do like the three ESA approaches, in particular the Boomerang one, and surely I will use it to plan my future lessons. Thanks to this course I've also started thinking about problems, such as students' age, level, culture, needs and motivation more in depth. These considerations will lead me in my future approach towards students and will help me to identify and solve, if not even prevent, possible unpleasant issues. I have also received good input about materials and activities I can use during my lessons to make them more attractive and less boring for students. I have really appreciated the list of links about games, teaching and media resources that the course has given me and I will use them as good references in the future.