Teach English in XuAnhua Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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I had begun the course with some teaching experience. I believed that I had a fair grasp on the basics of teaching. Doing this course changed the basic ways in which I think about my lessons. I have fully embraced the ESA method of lesson planning. In my current job I plan better better lessons and I am able to better make use of the course books that my school uses. I am pleased by the way the students are engaged in the class due to the engage activities and remain interested though out most of the lesson, most of the time. My focus on entertaining closing activities has also gained recognition from my co workers. I have benefited greatly from the classroom management units. I feel that I have a much easier time with a class of students when I remember some of the basic principles like not speaking too much, having students participate in the teaching of material, and keeping the lessons lively and active. These skills have served me very well. I am currently teaching low level students so the grammar units were not as directly applicable. I am pleased to have done them because it was an excellent opportunity to actually learn the grammar rules. Having learned english by using it I don't remember ever being taught the grammar rules. I am pleased to have learned the basics of grammar and received the additional resources if I do end up teaching more advanced students. It has been a very positive experience overall. I am very pleased to have done it and my teaching has improved because of it.