Teach English in Xuedian Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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I understand the english language now, better than I ever did and I think that?s important not only because as I was a language major at University but also because I think the first step to really appreciating and respecting a language is to genuinely know it. It?s nice to be able to really know what you are saying, It has given me a sense of power and control that I find quite hard to explain but that I am none the less very grateful for. I intend to stay in New Zealand and teach english here. I understand that generally, people go overseas when they have completed this course but I have found that the people here are just as in need of english lessons as anywhere else, given that New Zealand is an extremely multi-cultural nation. I?m hoping that I will be able to find work quite quickly and start using what I have learned in hands on and practical environment.