Teach English in Zhanjie Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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As some who has taught a variety of classes before, I found that I already knew quite a bit of the information offered in this course. However, the grammar units were very useful to me. I have a difficult time teaching grammar because as a native speaker I understand how to use it but did not fully grasp how somethings worked. Learning the names associated with different tenses will be especially useful in classes that are taught english in their native tongue as well, since their text books usually teach students the tense names. I will feel much more confident teaching grammar in classes now. I also found some of the activity suggestions useful. Some were quite simple but had never occurred to me before. For instance, I will probably use the video activity in which one person from a pair watches and then explains it to their partner who has to answer questions about the video. I think it is an engaging way to get students to work on listening and speaking with attention to detail.