Teach English in Zheng'An Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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This course has provided me with several things. One of the most important has been a break down of english grammar, which being a native speaker, I?ve never really had except in the context of learning other languages. I?ve also learned new pedagogical theories. I?m a certified teacher, and came into this experience with the knowledge of how to plan for a class and design lessons and activities, but I?ve enjoyed using the format used here, and have incorporated it into my existing practices. Living in NYC, there is plenty of demand for ESL teachers. I intend to seek out the assistance of a language school for establishing classes and for support for my first experiences as an ESL teacher. I would like to work with adults who want to learn english for a better life here in the states, so I also intend on looking into ESL programs at technical and skill-based college programs.