Teach English in Dinggang Zhen - Zhenjiang Shi

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Future tense is a complex tense. It simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous form is of the similar pattern with present and past. Learners can compare future tense with other tenses together to gain better understanding. However, once future is related to present simple or present continuous, it will become extremely complicated. Learners often get confused about it. The teaching of present having future applications should be based on the learners truly understanding of future. After the familiarity of future tense, the comparison of present having future applications with present tense can be vivid. So each single tenses should not be taught alone. With comparison, the conducting of teaching can be easier. Because of the culture in different countries, teacher cannot find similar tenses with learners’ native language. But the similar pattern does exist in each tense. So to better deliver the complex grammar of tense, except for different activities, comparison with other tense is also applicable.