Teach English in Haicheng Zhen - Zhongwei Shi

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Pronunciation and phonology are integral part of teaching and learning English. Skilled pronunciation teaching makes a class lively, because it reflects feelings and personal reactions to different situations. The unit teaches that intonation has to do with the variation and pitch in a whole sentences.This is what carries the message in a sentence expressing emotions and its important in questioning,agreeing or disagreeing.The common intonation pattern in a statement is the rise and fall intonation. However,the the fall/rise pattern is what indicates that the speaker wants a response after talking. Stress points out where the strong part of a sentence lies and this unit elaborates much on it and outlines rules that can help understand this. The unit again highlights the basic and vital, phonemic symbols ,the speech organs,a helpful chart that shows and help to understand the place and manner of articulation for consonants.