Teach English in Zhongwei Shi

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Teach English in Liwang Zhen, Zhongwei Shi
Here phonology in english helps students to understand pronunciation in areas of Stress which bears the principal emphasis in the sentence,Intonation which is generally considered to be variationin volume and pitch a whole sentences
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Teach English in Mingsha Zhen, Zhongwei Shi
I injoy studing this unit and i had great idea about how to speak and how we respond to the voice and human speech is an enormously complex area of study linguists are constantly learning more about thisamazing human instinct
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Teach English in Shikong Zhen, Zhongwei Shi
Unit 13 of this course by far is the most linguistically professional unit that I have studied so far, I found difficult and packed with highly complicated and new information that I have acquired naturally rather than through textbooks and scientific study
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Teach English in Wenchang Zhen, Zhongwei Shi
This is a challenging unit, not only for students but also for teachers! Pronunciation and phonology is basically how to say the words and the sentences- how to make the sound of words and make the tone right for the sentences to sound like what you mean
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