Teach English in Bailou Zhen - Zhoukou Shi

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There are so many things I have gained from this course. I learned a lot about grammar rules, classroom management, and lesson planning. I?ve also gained a new appreciation for the importance of monitoring students? progress, and how to best organize assessments of them. Additionally, I got a really great example of what not to do in class, vs. what I should do, thanks to the videos I watched. One of the most helpful lessons I gained was lesson planning. I want to use the lesson plan format I received during this course to plan for future classes, so I can be better organized and have a template that I can easily modify, based on different age groups, english skill levels, and curriculum. I also plan on using what I have learned during the course for the classes I teach now ? at an ESL academy in korea ? and for any future ESL/EFL classes I will instruct in the future.