Teach English in Biangang Zhen - Zhoukou Shi

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I have personally gained a certificate to open doors to a lot of jobs from this course but I have also as a native speaker learned so much more in depth about my own language and the approaches and methods to teaching it. There have been lots of areas of the english language that have been refreshed in my memory and new things I have learned throughout this course. I have learned so much over the last few months doing this course. It has been completely different from learning english at high school. I think my knowledge and awareness of the english language has improved greatly especially in the grammar side of things which I know I struggle with at times. I will definitely feel more confident at teaching language when I go back into another teaching job. I definitely now know an easy way to plan lessons using the ESA process. Lesson plans done this way are easy to create, easy to use in class and easy to look back at. I will be using this method when I go into my public school job in the near future as I will have to create all my own lesson plans. I have picked up many teaching ideas and methods to use when teaching grammar, structures and tenses which I will take forward. The biggest thing I would say though is that I think I will be a lot more confident in teaching. I already have a teaching style but this course has definitely showed me a lot of things I can improve on and some small things I should avoid in the future in the classroom e.g. avoid giving negative feedback / not picking clever students all the time to answer questions. I think I can not only take what I have learned about the english language forward in teaching but I can also take what I have learned forward into other areas or work or things I enjoy doing e.g. writing / reporting In the near future I am planning to use my certificate to first of all go back to korea and teach in a public school position. Then I will be looking to move on to another country in Asia. This certificate will open so many job opportunities for me in the world. I plan to use it to full effect to explore the world and teach in lots of different countries and settings.