Teach English in Chiying Zhen - Zhoukou Shi

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What I gained most from this course was confidence. I have never taught before so I really didn't know what to do or what was expected of me. I like how this course broke down the teaching process and most of the individual problems that I might face. The classroom video lesson was very helpful seeing a class in action and what was right and wrong to do. Making the lesson plans was good practice and forced me to think how I would break down the class and gave good direction. The grammar lessons were difficult and not something I remember learning a whole lot about in school but I feel better knowing that I can answer some basic questions. I think it will be a benefit to have this to look over if I get stuck or just for a refresher every now and then, especially before my first day on the job. It was also nice to know that there are lots of online resources available to help with ideas and games. I will definitely create lesson plans before classes and use the ESA format to model my lessons. I will put a lot of emphasis on connecting with the students, making them feel comfortable, and feel free to contribute. I think a positive, warm, and welcoming attitude is very important as well as keeping things fun for the students. Also every now and then I plan on watching the first (bad) teaching video to scare me straight and remind me to make my students feelings a priority.