Teach English in Dengcheng Zhen - Zhoukou Shi

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Even though I have been successfully teaching ESL for the past four years, with thousands of hours of classroom teaching time, there was still much that I have been able to learn from this course. One aspect that I feel has grown is my ability to make well rounded, student centered lesson plans. Up until now, most of my classroom time has been preplanned and simplified by the company that I work for. This method, in my opinion, can become very boring and monotonous for the students and the teacher as well. The extra work required to plan out a lesson that is catered to the students in the class is well worth it. This course has brought me to appreciate this. Another area that I have gained a lot from has to do with my knowledge of grammar. Before this course, I had not studied grammar for nearly 12 years. Many of the rules I had forgotten, making it laborious to answer my students? questions. I have found that I can make more order out of the grammar in my own mind, making it easier to give my students streamlined, yet effective answers to many of their questions. I still have a long way to go with english grammar and planning lessons, but this course has provided me with the motivation and the foundation to continue my studies. These are just two examples of where I have benefited as a teacher, there are many more areas that are still being practiced and refined. I often realize while I am teaching that I am utilizing a skill that was instilled by this course.