Teach English in Dingji Zhen - Zhoukou Shi

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I wish I had taken this course before teaching my Latin classes these last two years. The ideas and suggestions would have been so useful! The most important things I?ve gained from this course were the ESA lesson plans, which, when used properly, keep the classroom an ever-changing organism which utilizes speech, writing, reading, and listening on a daily basis. In addition to this type of lesson plan, the links to various websites where we can access word-finds and other worksheets are valuable assets, as are the lists of helpful resource books. I?m taking away smaller suggestions, too: ideas as simple as not pointing at a student but rather gesturing with one?s palm or remembering not always to be standing in front of the class. Remembering to allow students as much time speaking amongst themselves as possible was another valuable lesson. Wishing to be as helpful as possible and lecturing too much may, in fact, discourage some students: I will need to watch myself when it comes to this lesson and remember that students must be able to ?experiment? with the language sometimes, in addition to conquering all the technicalities. Overall, I?m glad I took this course because it introduced several elements I had not considered, such as different skill levels or the various reasons behind why different groups might wish or be required to learn english. I?ve heard others speak about teaching english, and it seems a fairly simple endeavor: since one has been speaking the language naturally one?s entire life, it seems fairly simple to teach it to others. This reasoning, however, is flawed: for one to be a successful teacher, one must consider all of the elements noted in this course and be ready to face challenges a native-english speaker might have never considered.