Teach English in Fanji Zhen - Zhoukou Shi

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Having been a student myself, I have a better appreciation for all of my teachers I?ve learned under. After completing these tasks, and creating lesson plans, I have a better understanding of what it is like to be a teacher (of any subject), and now have a newfound respect for them. As a student, I believe that we take our lessons for granted and do not understand all the hard work that goes into each lesson plan. I now know how to create a ESA lesson plan from scratch, which at first I found to be overwhelming. At first, I had difficulty understanding the difference between the Study and Activate stages. But I can say that I can now create a lesson plan with ease. Since it?s been years since I?ve had my last english lesson back in grammar school, it is always refreshing to go back and relearn english grammar rules, and how to teach it. In a way, doing these unit worksheets was a refresher course for me. The unit which explained intonation was enlightening. As the text in the unit mentioned, I haven?t thought about intonation, and what a big difference it is learning about it. The way you intonate your words and sentences, can have different meanings. And then there is the unit which explains conditional and reported speech, which was very helpful. Again, it?s been years since I?ve thought about these topics, and it?s great to go over these units, and relearn what I?ve learned years before. Recalling my school days, I remember the best parts of class, was when the teacher would bring out the TV, and we could watch a program relating to our class. The unit which discusses visuals, and classroom tools was especially enlightening. We can motivate students dramatically by using TV?s, computers, LCD projectors, pictures, the internet, etc. These items make the learning experience all the more interesting. It can be quite difficult being a teacher, as we will encounter different cases. We are going to deal with young and old students, behaved and misbehaved, motivated and reluctant students, etc. One of the biggest points I?ve gained through this course, is that we must learn to have rapport with our students. I recall the days of not enjoying my lessons because my teacher was grumpy, and couldn?t connect with us. And then I also recall philosophy class in college, and how entertaining the course was, as well as the teacher. As a matter of fact, I?m sure the course wouldn?t have been as interesting if it weren?t for the fantastic teacher we had.