Teach English in Fucaolou Zhen - Zhoukou Shi

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This course has given me more insight into how much work goes into teaching english as a foreign language. I was reintroduced to terms and aspects of english that as a native speaker, I don?t think about why they are or how to explain them. I?m currently living and teaching english in japan, so my own experiences combined with this course has been a strong reminder of just how difficult a language english is, and how much of the skills that I take for granted. Once my time in japan has finished, I am considering continuing to teach english as a foreign language, either back home in America or possibly somewhere else abroad. Either way, this course has definitely helped me remember to be extremely patient with my students, and also to keep my lessons very interactive and engaging. Students can easily lose hope or motivation with such a difficult language, so it is up to me to keep things fun and interesting. This also stressed the importance of building a strong rapport with the students, which was also stressed to me during my classes in Education in college. This course had many good ideas to establish a bond with my students, which I will use to strengthen my teaching.