Teach English in Fuji Zhen - Zhoukou Shi

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I have learned a lot and been given many new teaching ideas through this course. I learned many new techniques in regards to class room management and how to handle different issues that come up in class. I thought that they were really helpful because nobody tells you exactly how to handle for example disciplinary issues but I learned a lot of great steps on how to deal with them. I thought that the grammar reviews were really helpful because even though we are native speakers we don´t remember every grammar point in the english language. I was surprised that some of the lessons were even challenging for me or took me a bit to get the hang of. I found the teaching ideas super helpful. Often times you can get burned out trying to invent your own all the time, or you?re not sure how to go about doing/presenting an idea. I also tried a few out in class and they were a hit. Overall this course was really beneficial for me because it gave me general organization on how to teach english. I didn?t really have a clear idea or the correct organization. I found the organizational part really beneficial and it has really improved my lessons. I plan to use what I have learned in the future in regards to classroom management, teaching ideas and planning lessons. I think they are all vital parts of being an effective teacher so I will include them in my future classes. I have already started using the lesson plans to plan my own personal lessons, teaching ideas as well as to be more focused on one part of speech instead of skipping around.