Teach English in Fujing Zhen - Zhoukou Shi

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I was born in the united states and grew up speaking english however, I was sincerely surprised at the level of difficulty I encountered in understanding and learning grammatical structure and composition. Out of all the lessons encompassed in this course, it was the grammar lessons that was the most challenging and frustrating for me. I found this to be very perplexing, as I have been complimented on my articulation and writing skills. In addition, I was given an award in english when I graduated from intermediate school. It became obvious to me that knowing how to speak and write the language does not necessary mean a person possess understanding of the structural forms of the verbs. Furthermore, I do not recall being taught the intricacies of conditionals, reported speech and backs shifting. I found it necessary to read the lessons twice, sometimes three times, and correct my work several times before sending it in. Yet, there were times my assignments were returned to me for additional corrections. The presenting question is, if I am a native speaker and found some of the lessons challenging then how much more will an EFL student find learning structures, tenses, clauses, phrasal verbs, reported speech, just to name a few, challenging? This is just one of the reasons it is imperative to continually assess the needs and progression of your students. It is also necessary for the teacher to do a self-assessment to ensure his/her teaching techniques are current and relevant to his/her students. I will remember the feelings of frustration when attempting to assimilate grammar and all of the structural requirements for the various tenses. I believe it is twelve in all. I will use this memory to ensure I am patient and creative when developing lesson plans for my students. I also found the pronunciation and phonology lesson challenging. Interestingly, I have not experienced many challenges in my articulation skills however, teaching it is a different issue. I also invested several days in understanding some of the material presented in this lesson. Quite frankly, I found the information on intonation and stress very interesting. I found the teaching techniques of gesturing and singing to be very helpful. However, the subject addressing phonemic symbols was a bit frustrating and I disagreed with some of the information presented. The various teaching techniques, exercises and resource information have been absolutely invaluable. Overall, the course was excellent. Each lesson added to my skill set. I truly cannot express how invaluable this course has been. I will reference these lessons throughout my teaching career.