Teach English in Gongyequ - Zhoukou Shi

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Firstly, there was a large amount of information contained in this course that I had either forgotten from school or was never taught. So that was the first think that I can honestly say that I gained from this course but that is still only the tip of the iceberg. Secondly, I learnt a vast amount about teaching methods. Although I am a native english speaker it is very different when you are trying to teach english. Merely using the formations and grammatical structures is no use to a student if the teacher can not present the knowledge in a structured and simple way to understand. From this course I have learnt something about the variety of teaching methods available to teachers and what ones should be used when and for what type of students. As a result I will be using a number of these methods in my teaching career. Thirdly, I learnt a lot about aspects such as feedback mechanisms and lesson planning. These will very much come in handy when I am teaching english. I personally feel that the greatest individual benefit that this course has offered me is that it has helped me learn to develop lesson plans and think about english in a whole different way. Overall this course has provided me with a better understanding of teaching in general and a better understanding of the basics underlying my own native language. Ultimately this course has transformed my knowledge of english in to a battery of knowledge that can be delivered in such a way that I am now confident that I could teach it.