Teach English in Huaidian Huizu Zhen - Zhoukou Shi

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This was the first online course I have ever taken, and I am very impressed with every aspect. The course covers a lot of things from some specific grammar points to some basic things like how to use a board. The course was completely satisfying, although I suppose I still need a lot of practice now. So that I could use all that I learnt studying on this course. I have been teaching english for several years already, but it`s true that a teacher can never be too qualified or too experienced. The course really helped me to become more artistic and imaginative when it comes to planning lessons. I realized that lessons can be productive and fun at the same time. Fun activities help a lot to engage the students, especially the young learners. Before taking the course I based all lessons on some grammar points, and never really thought that they can also include a lot of fun activities. I am planning to use my certificate to teach english in Turkey. I`ve been there several times, and I think Istanbul is one of the most amazing cities in the world. And Turkish people are extremely friendly and hospitable, so I believe it would not be so difficult to adapt there. I would be really happy to work and live there.