Teach English in Laocheng Zhen - Zhoukou Shi

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I have learned a great deal from this course. The most challenging part was the grammar lessons, but I found the review of parts of speech to be very helpful. I believe that having a better understanding of the rules of grammar will be very beneficial to me as a new teacher. While taking this course I have begun to think of the way I speak and form my sentences. I am practicing speaking clearly and audibly. After taking this course, I know that I will be very aware of the way in which I speak to my class. I have also learned a great deal about the different types of learners and teaching strategies. I have been careful to pay attention to the techniques involved in teaching young learners, as I will be teaching elementary students. I know that I need to make my lesson plans entertaining and varied. I also am aware that I must remain flexible and not adhere too strictly to the course book. I hope to develop interesting and original lessons that will be most beneficial to my students.