Teach English in Liansi Zhen - Zhoukou Shi

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By taking this course, I have learnt the different levels of english students and how to plan lessons to suit their needs. I have also learnt that as an english speaker there are many things that we take for granted which are more complex than we can imagine e.g. grammar, how the tenses are formed and their usages, modal and phrasal verbs etc. and the common mistakes that we all make. This course has also reminded me of the grammar that I learnt a long time ago in primary school that I use automatically to this day without really thinking about the structure. I have also learnt the importance of lesson planning, how to write a lesson plan and what should be included in a lesson plan. I have also gained knowledge on how to teach both productive and receptive skills. The different equipment and teaching aids outlined in this course are useful to the teacher. Also, l found the unit about teaching special groups useful. I will use this knowledge to teach english in france, where I currently live. Most of the people here prefer one-to-one lessons and so I will use the knowledge acquired from unit 19 and also personal experience.