Teach English in Lizhai Zhen - Zhoukou Shi

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I have gained quite a bit from this course, both personally and educationally. In terms of personal gain, I've come to realize that teaching is both a challenging and rewarding job. Although I am very nervous about teaching (as I have never done it before), I find myself excited of the ideas about interactions I can and will have with future students. It has been while since feeling this sort of excitement and it is very refreshing to be reminded of it! This energy will be put to good use as I pursue teaching jobs and also when I first teach my first set of students! In terms of educational gain, I've realized quite a bit as well. For one thing, although I have mastered most usage of english, there is much I need to brush up in order to teach others. Knowing how to write using a certain tense is greatly different from begin able to teach it. Also, the lessons learned from the various units are invaluable as they have provided me with a foundation and structure to which I can refer back to during my teaching in the future.