Teach English in Lutai Zhen - Zhoukou Shi

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This course has helped me a lot on how to be a good english teacher. I was unsure of myself at first if I could do this course completely, but after 3 lessons I started to gain a lot of confidence . I was not a experienced english teacher when I first started to learn this course, after few months? studying on-line, I learned how to make a good lesson plan, how to manage the class. Especially lesson 19, it talks about teaching special groups, I learned how to deal with the different beginners , business persons, children and how to get the motivation from the students. Sometime, I need to deal with group training, from lesson 19, I learned more details about how to do it much better. english grammar is one of the most difficult aspects of teaching english, especially for the students who are on their very beginning on learning english. The course gives a very clear structure on the grammar, it talks about the usage of the grammar and also gives out some activities which is very useful in the class. I was very good at teaching grammar myself, I used to think that it is not very important for someone to learn the grammar of a new language. But after taking this course, I changed my mind, I think I also did quite well on the grammar lesson. I think the good way to teach english grammar is to do as much exercises as they can, after give the main structure to the students, the only way to learn it by heart is to do exercise and also students have to practice it in different situations. The course introduced how to teach receptive skill- reading and listening and how to teach pronunciation in lesson 13. I personally learned quite a lot of good methods from these two lessons. chinese students are very good at reading and writing but lack of speaking and listening. That?s what we call ?dumb english?. I am going to introduce more speaking skills to my students, explain the intonation and stress on how to speak english. We learn the language because we want to communicate with people. Sometime, students worry about their accent, but I think as long as people could understand what one want to express, that is not a problem with an accent. The point is to say it clearly and correctly. This course has taught me some teaching skills I will take with me to my future career. This class will help me in my work-related goals as well. I have visited some of the teaching english website and I found a lot of useful information that I need in my class. Of course, I think I still need to study this course from time to time although I have finished the whole course at the moment. All the reading materials have become my teaching equipment.