Teach English in Mingbei - Zhoukou Shi

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I have gained a much deeper appreciation of the subtleties of the english language, and the rules and laws at play. I understand a lot more about how the language is constructed, and I feel that there is also a great deal more to learn as I progress as a teacher. Mostly I have switched my perspective from the point of view of a student to that of a teacher. With that comes the growing ability to assess and view the needs of others and tailor a solution or a strategy to address these issues. I have found that my ideas for lessons and activities have developed to include more of my individuality and interests, and I intend that when I meet my students I will continue to develop these ideas to incorporate their individuality and interests too. It is most likely that I will be teaching students one to one. Although much of this course focused on teaching larger groups, I feel that the knowledge and skills I have been learning will also serve me and my students well on a one to one basis. The understanding that I now have about the different language levels that I will be working with and how to deal with them will be very valuable to me as I progress with my career. I will most likely be teaching a wide range of ability levels, and so I am confident that I will be able to structure their courses to suit their needs and level of ability. Overall I feel that the course has given me a good overall view of what it will be like to teach english as a foreign language, and has prepared me for the challenges that I will face