Teach English in Nanfeng Zhen - Zhoukou Shi

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What I have gained: ? I have first of all learned a methodology for teaching english as a foreign language that seems very practical and effective and I?ve got a lot of practice in making lesson plans and thinking practical around the implementation of this methodology and conducting of english lessons and english courses. I also know that I have a lot of resources available on internet, so now the only thing missing is putting all of it into practice. ? I have got a review of the most basic of english grammars and english grammar terminology. Some new learning and insights about english grammar is useful. ? I have done a lot of reflection about what makes a good teacher and what I can improve from earlier experiences as a teacher in relation to class management and methodology. The ideas and methodology presented in this course has given me more confidence that I am able to conduct good lessons in english. That?s a good motivation for me. ? It?s good to have some reflections about teaching pronunciation and phonology. I will probably be more conscious about intonation, stress, sound joining and linked speech and give more attention to making the sounds right (though it should be pretty accurate already). ? I will have some good ideas about how I will plan and go ahead with a new class or course. ? The feedback I have got form the tutor have been useful and have given me confidence. How will I put into action what I have learned? My plan is to move to indonesia for a couple of years and teach english there. As soon as I have finished this unit I will start searching for jobs preferably with adults or youths (i.e. high school).