Teach English in TanzhuAng Zhen - Zhoukou Shi

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I have learned a lot about ways to teach with this course and how best to organize a class depending on level. The format for lesson plans introduced through this course will be very helpful in maintaining interest in the classroom, helping students to learn and keeping me on task. Though, I do plan on tweaking the format quite a bit to cut out some of the parts that I felt were redundant or I just hated filling out. Tips on how to teach certain grammar lessons that could become very boring will also be helpful when planning lessons, especially activate activities that were provided with nearly every unit. I knew a lot about grammar from studying spanish for four years at the University level, but I was amazed to find out how much my knowledge of english grammar was lacking. I know now, that before each lesson I will have to brush up on my knowledge of grammar in order to be able to teach it effectively, provide good examples and answer questions.