Teach English in Yanghukou Zhen - Zhoukou Shi

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I?ve learned (more thoroughly anyways) how difficult it is to learn and teach english. Even though I?m a native english speaker, some things I don?t think about, like present perfect tense or technical terms. Although I don?t have much control over the grammatical aspects or the overall lesson plans in class right now, when I do get to hold my own class, I?ll be sure to try to use the ESA lesson planning. R. V. usa Taking this course has really opened my eyes to the demands of teaching english. Prior to taking this course, I felt I was unqualified and was wondering what I was getting myself into. Gradually taking this course, I built the confidence I needed to be successful in the classroom. The foundation learned throughout this course helped my understanding of english and has made me comfortable to teach it to others. The most important skill set I have learned was how to make lesson plans. While some classrooms may function perfectly fine without a lesson plan, I find lesson plans to be paramount for a teacher like myself. For me, lesson plans are a safety net. Lesson plans act as a guide and a reference tool. Classrooms can be unpredictable but being prepared with a strong lesson plan will provide the peace of mind I need to be a successful teacher. For my teaching career, I plan to use a lesson plan that always gives the class something to do with room for anything unexpected. I plan to have many resources, worksheets, and activities prepared for every class. Planning practice lesson plans made me realize that it is better to be overly prepared rather than ill prepared.