Teach English in ChangzhuAng Zhen - Zhumadian Shi

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From this course one may gather the awareness of the difficulties that the teacher of english as a foreign language result not from unique factors in their individual classes but from common problem situations. The lesson on the common problem situations is well placed after the content rich lessons of the course that have been solution oriented. As a teacher the best that one may do is learn during the first lessons who are new to the language and who are familiar with the language. Once this is learned is relationship to different lessons and concepts can be traced. The use of different techniques such as games and interactive campaigns to ensure a successful first lesson such as games is a familiar concept that has been hinted at in the engage stage of each lesson. The importance of warming the class up for any lesson can be applied to warm up the teacher too. As a teacher, warming the class is important if done enthusiastically and sincerely. The lesson learned on different levels of comprehension for different students can be useful to the teacher who seeks to find solutions for the same. By regulating lessons or by structuring the class in an orderly manner, the different level learners may be equalized. The importance of clarity in solving the problems presented in class as a result of native language and relatively large classes would be useful to complement worksheets, group work and choral repetitions. The importance of using role play and other means to ensure that the reluctant students speak in english during the course of the lessons was an applicable concept learned. The lessons on difficulties with listening texts teach that teaching aids such as cassettes are not useful to all settings.