Teach English in Chunshui Zhen - Zhumadian Shi

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This course has truly opened up my mind, not only about the english language in general, but also from a teaching perspective. This course illustrates numerous different ways of teaching the material, as well as countless activities and games that can be played in the classroom. The course also explains the grammar quite easily, which certainly helped me out a lot because I just like a lot of people, struggle a little bit with the grammar. Now, putting everything that I learned into action will be a little more difficult. This is because the english school I work at uses a specific method, the Callan method, which completely controls what the teacher must teach. This method does not leave any room for ?fun activities? or games. Some of the things that I will put into action would be the ?warmers? and some of the introductory activities, I usually just make a quick introduction at the beginning of classes ? This will certainly change from now on. Overall the course was soundly structured and it provided necessary and important information. Even though the grammar units are a little bit difficult, they are of upmost key importance, especially given the fact that they are taught virtually everywhere in TEFL.