Teach English in Donghedian Zhen - Zhumadian Shi

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Thanks to this course I have got a great repetition of english grammar. Furthermore, I found very interesting and useful to know about perceptive and productive skills and different ways of their development. Classroom management is one of those units that contained information I did not know before. To know what kind of problems teacher can face with and how to manage in various unexpected situations are those skills the experienced teachers have. After reading this unit I fells myself more confident and Doing this course I realized what means to be a good teacher. It means not only to be competent in language but also to make classes interesting for students. As a teacher, I will focus my attention on students? needs, the improvement of their skills and increasing their motivation for further studying. The most valuable unit for me was lessons planning. It helped me to come closer to the teacher routines. I have got a basic knowledge about different stages of the lesson and their importance. Lessons planning helped me to switch on my imagination and use fantasy. I realized that the profession of a teacher requires to be creative and use everyday situations and things around us in our job.