Teach English in Donghong Zhen - Zhumadian Shi

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There are several things that I have personally gained from this course. First of all this course has taught me how limited my grammar knowledge actually is at this moment and the areas of my strengths and weaknesses in regards to grammar. It has motivated me to be proactive and to seek out those areas that I am lacking in. I now have a framework from which I can use to further my study on this topic. I feel that a total mastery of the english grammar is beyond my capacity, but I have been inspired to begin the process. Secondly, I have come to realize how important lesson planning actually is for both teacher and student. Lesson plans give a sense of direction both to the path that is ahead and to the path that has already been covered. I have been teaching ESL for years and have often felt lost or wandering with no real purpose that I am aiming for. I now know why I felt this way and understand how to avoid it. Having a goal in mind both in the short term and long term is a great way to motivate me, and in turn pass that on to my students. Lastly, this course has opened my mind to new techniques, ideas, and possibilities about my own self development. The things that I have personally gained from this course will stay with me for the rest of my teaching career and beyond. I have already started putting into action what I have learned from this course. The first thing I did was to improve and change my engage phase. Before this course I always called it the icebreaker. I started out every class with some discussion of the latest news or what everyone did on the weekend. It was just a quick thing I would come up with at the last moment with not much thought. This course has given me so many more ideas to get the students warmed up and ready. The second thing I did was to improve the study phase by adding more life to the course book. I need to follow the course book because the students have mid-terms and finals based on the book. Ideas I got from this course have allowed me to bring in outside information related to the course book. Students seem to like looking at this new material instead of just the book. They often come to my office or approach me in the halls with questions or comments about the material. I have also started to use 3x3 choral work for pronunciation. Before this course I just had the whole class repeat after me. It was kind of boring for me and the students, a bit robotic at times, but now the students know that they have to pay attention because they might be called upon randomly. I really like the activate phase, I have been trying to make it as creative and fun as possible for the students. With the information I have received from this course I now have a endless bag full of ideas to try out.