Teach English in Tangcun Zhen - Zhumadian Shi

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It depends on what does someone think is a real successful teaching career! The response is quite individual, I suppose. At the same time any of us could suggest their own very similar in general list of qualities, a teacher should posses or the aims a teacher should obtain, doing his/her teaching work. The most important quality for a teacher, I think, is the ability to make a plan of a lesson (s) and ability to make this plan to come true, not for 100 percent, but at least for 90! Why do we need some plan? We need it because any lesson with its noise and challenges of students' discipline can flow you away from the main idea, if it's just idea without appropriate points of what to do first, which game to play second, what words to get acquainted with then and what to do after that. But if you have some plan, you feel yourself more confident. Your students also see that you lead them to some aim, that you are not in a chaos. Making a plan before lesson, and keeping it on, we can be in the ESA technology notwithstanding what kind of scheme you choose: 'straight arrow' , 'patchwork' or 'boomerang'. A good teacher can obtain it with the help of ESA techniques and methods. Moreover, there a lot of Internet resources, devoted to this theme, our colleagues help us to know as much as possible about this point, sharing the information on the You Tube and other resources. And it's awesome, it's our time's creative features. Starting a work with the new group of students, teacher should establish rapport between students and a teacher. And this first lesson is very important, because it tune students for the work till the end of the coarse. The role of a teacher is great here. Because as we know, we have only one opportunity to male first impression on somebody. It should be prepared good! When students get used to a teacher, his/her demands, the manner of the leading the lessons, students can get closer to a teacher, they may become good friend to each other. Some teachers avoid these moments, preferring to show some kind of formal attitude. May be it's not so bad, may be. But, I think that a good teacher should be a friend to their students, should have very good communication and listening skills. Because, you can be very good teacher and you can know English very well indeed, know the technology of teaching. But being a good person is more important, for kids especially. They feel it, if somebody is good, or not so much good, I suppose, they have some sensitiveness to this aspect. And a teacher is not just a teacher, but a leader of the students' group. To build a successful teaching career is possible if you can combine professional, deep knowledge and passion for the English Language, high expectations for all, techniques and methodology of the teaching and open heart to help your students to study. Being an expert on the subject he/she teaches is very good basis, which makes an excellent teacher. I suppose that the ability to build deep caring relationships with students in a friendly and good manner make help a good teacher obtain strong ethic-community-building skills and build a successful teaching career.